Alumni Entrepreneurs

Dawn Russell, BA 1999


Environmentally Conscious Jewelry Made by Hand

Type of Business

Sales and Related

Date of Operation

2007- present

Description of Business or Organization

Each piece of jewelry that I make originates from the evolutionary wonders found in nature. The experience of awe when I discover a new life form and when I see a commonplace life form revealed in a new way motivates the work. I am moved to capture and translate Nature’s visual language through jewelry, an artform that is worn close to the body.

Contact Information

PO Box 165
Bellows Falls, VT

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen provided me with a sense of cultural, social and environmental orientation. Evergreen’s metals studio gave me my first intensive exposure to applying my ideas to a disciplined metalsmithing practice. The courses supported creatively and responsibility.