Alumni Entrepreneurs

Jim Rymsza, BA 1981



Type of Business

Architecture and Engineering

Description of Business or Organization

Architect specializing in residential design and neighborhood commercial projects.

Contact Information

6823 30th Ave NE
Seattle,, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Since graduating from Evergreen in the early 80's, I attended graduate school at the UW in architecture, worked for a slew of regional design firms here in Seattle and live in the Ravenna neighborhood with my wonderful family. I started my own firm, j ARCHITECTS 3 years ago concentrating on residential design and small commercial projects. I try to make each project as 'Green' as I can. Evergreen got me started with an internship at a local Olympia architect office. All told, life is good and my business has kept me very busy. Call anytime to say hello.