Alumni Entrepreneurs

J. Michael Schaeffer, 1980


Plastic Systems Inc

Type of Business

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Date of Operation


Description of Business or Organization

We design and supply radiant floor heating systems, both hydronic and electric, boilers and chillers, solar hot water, and fan coil furnaces with the lowest energy consuming motors in the market. We also specialize in complete indoor air quality filtration to the highest levels. We provide the best in Green Building Solutions.

Contact Information

6444 East Mercer Way
Mercer Island, WA

Please describe any patents you hold on inventions or processes and where those are held and when you got the patent.

Zero Leak Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic damper for corrosive air service. US, March 1999

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen inspired me to build and run a business with people and community in mind. We use high quality and cost effective solutions to fit most any budget. We always give people options to meet their price and performance needs. We provide product and system education, not just sales.