Alumni Entrepreneurs

Ethan Anderson, 2004


Community Experience Project

Type of Business

Community and Social Services

Description of Business or Organization

The Community Experience Project is a participation based learning community designed to facilitate the integration of New Earth Consciousness. We attain integration through sustainable culture; re-alignment with nature; healthy living and movement; healing food, water, and nutritional awareness; egalitarian exchange; self directed learning; organic development/organization; self awareness and personal accountability; and, radical self reliance within a nurturing heart-centered community living through intentional awareness. Within New Earth Consciousness we reclaim as our birthright, the freedom to co-create an empowered, thriving, heart-centered community of acceptance, joy, abundance, and gratitude in sacred alignment with the natural world. Through the Ten Principles of the New Earth, we integrate the energies of the cosmos with the energies of the earth to fully embody our potential as conscious co-creators of the universe through interconnection with the web of consciousness that connects all life, all thought, all feeling; All that All.

Contact Information

1633 NW Vicksburg Ave.
Bend, OR