Alumni Entrepreneurs

Ethan Bach, 1996



Type of Business

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media

Date of Operation

12/20/2009 launch date

Description of Business or Organization

Transreel began from a phone conversation between Ethan Bach and sj Miller. At the time, Ethan was in Seattle as an invited guest speaker at the Translations Film Festival. Together they recognized that there was a gap in archiving historical and present day images of transgender people in video from around the world. They realized that there should be a widely accessible space that people could go to understand a history that has yet to be fully explored through video and film. Transreel is the outcome of these talks and is a repository of snapshots of history that documents the transgender movement from its inception. It is our hope that these his/her-stories provide a path for transgender and non-transgender individuals to create a more accepting world. Through the courage that surfaces from within these stories, we are each able to tap into our own courage as we experience the struggles and triumphs experienced by those from the past, so that together, we can move as a collective and create spaces and dialogues for generations to come.

Contact Information

PO Box 23569
Santa Fe, New Mexico