Alumni Entrepreneurs

Patricia Perkins, 1999


Tropical Escapes

Type of Business

Counseling and Therapy

Date of Operation

September 2005 - present

Description of Business or Organization

Company Philosophy When traveling, we always have a better, more authentic time when there is a local connection. That is why we decided to become just that, your personal link to the islands of Dominica, Jamaica and St. Lucia. We know that every traveler is unique so we'll work with you to design your perfect escape. From accommodations to restaurants to activities, it is our business to know all that these islands offer. As practitioners of yoga we are thrilled to have found a variety of lovely properties to work with that are conducive to hosting yoga retreats. We enjoy the partnerships we have created with instructors and studios to offer a diverse calendar of retreats. We know what an amazing, transformational experience a retreat week can be and take pride in doing all we can to create a positive experience for everyone involved. Having become part of the communities where we operate, it is important to us to be able to offer you the convenience of an all-inclusive trip while passing your dollars on to the small, local businesses and service providers. Tropical Escapes believes in the pillars of responsible tourism - environmental integrity, social justice and economic development. Tropical Escapes supports sustainable tourism by working with environmentally and socially conscious accommodations and service providers, by dealing directly with local taxi and tour guide associations and by encouraging activities that make use of the islands’ natural assets guaranteeing their importance to the economy. We support eco-tourism and participation in heritage tours due not only to the quality of these activities but also the positive longer term implications that this type of sustainable tourism has on the future of these countries. We strive to tread carefully and help to preserve the spirit of the Caribbean by appreciating, celebrating and sharing the rich beauty and culture that these islands possess.

Contact Information

PO Box CP6155

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Evergreen encouraged me to follow my passions, to think outside the box and to be directly involved in creating the change you want to see in the world