Alumni Entrepreneurs

Corinne Kelly, 1977


Abintra Wellness Center

Type of Business


Date of Operation

1982 to current date

Description of Business or Organization

Abintra Wellness Center currently provides a wide variety of massage therapies and hypnotherapy. My life partner, Jerome Chroman, and I are the owners and practitioners. We get referrals from insurance companies and therefore work predominantly with injury management and treatment. However, we always enjoy providing wellness massage as well.

Contact Information

6921 Roosevelt Way NE, #1
Seattle, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen gave me the confidence to dive in and learn the business practices and technology required to run a business over time. For 25 years, I co-managed a team of practitioners and office/classroom renters. Evergreen was partially responsible for the development of my teamwork skills and patience. At Evergreen, I tapped into a curiosity for learning and ways of organizing and understanding what I am learning in order to communicate it to others. This has helped my health care practice.