Alumni Entrepreneurs

A. Thomas Wolf, 1983


T. Wolf Photography, Inc.

Type of Business

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media

Description of Business or Organization

I have been a photographer for over 35 years. My primary business is travel, landscape and architectural photography. I also produce a apparel line of thematic t-shirts using my trademarked phrase "Visualize The Journey™" which incorporates my original photographic images with the phrase. Additionally, I produce a line of greeting/note cards displaying my images. These items are available both on a retail and wholesale level.

Contact Information

2019 Park Street
Houston, TX

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

I graduated from evergreen over 27 years ago and I still talk about my great experiences to this day. The constant reading, analyzing and writing prepared me to clearly analyze and concisely express my conclusions throughout my entire business career. This was the best educational decision I ever made.