Alumni Entrepreneurs

Tom Gilbert, 2001


Highfields Center for Composting

Type of Business

Organic Farming and Fishing

Date of Operation


Description of Business or Organization

Highfields closes the loop on food and agricultural systems through technical and educational services, research and community programming in on-farm and municipal composting systems, as well as operates a composting facility in Hardwick, Vermont. We provide services primarily in the Northeast US, but work with programs and clients nationally and internationally. Highfields works to equip individual farms and whole communities with the infrastructure, systems and capacity to leverage the capture and recycling of organic materials for food production and environmental conservation.

Contact Information

PO Box 503
Hardwick, Vermont

Please describe any patents you hold on inventions or processes and where those are held and when you got the patent.

We have designed specialized, scale-appropriate aerating equipment for on-farm technology. These designs are intentionally not patented and are available with detailed CAD drawings and fabrication designs on our website for free.

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen provided me with the personal and academic latitude to capitalize on my excitement in agriculture, composting and community development and explore subjects that without practical application would have felt irrelevant. 30%, or more, of the credits I earned were through independent work focused on developing the Evergreen Composting Facility. Supporting me as a learner, rather than a repository for information within a narrow trajectory, taught me to be an inspired and strategic learner.