Alumni Entrepreneurs

Carol R Williams, 1997


K-Love4Art, LLC

Type of Business

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media

Date of Operation

2006 to current

Description of Business or Organization

Utilizing Art as a Pro-Active Agent and Catalyst for Change in Education, Employment and Environmental Stewardship Providing Sustained Transformational Leadership Tools through Art in Action Methodologies Whole Systems Approach to: Community Involvement; Consultations, Trainings & Workshops, Keynote Speaking Engagements, Mission Statement Development, Youth Engagement, 5 Year Visioning & Program Implementation, Capturing Organizational Stories Commissions; Large Scale Paintings & Group Art Installations/Projects Products; Archival Prints, Books, Digital Designs

Contact Information

Seattle, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen gave me the tools needed to work effectively in community and relationship building. Evergreen gave me a solid foundation in the visual arts and prepared me for the business side of art and got me into grad school. Offered art as not only 'art' but gave me a 'real' foundation in art as a business enterprise.