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Lotus Business Plans, LLC is a Seattle based consultancy that specializes in crafting effective, high caliber business plans for capital seeking and exporting firms across the country. Lotus is a relationship focused firm that ensures that its clients give the best impression to their debt or equity audience the first time. In a competitive lending and investing environment we provide our clients with an advantage – the optimal plan to compel and satisfy their financial stakeholders. Lotus' Plans are designed with care, quality, and with their specific capital objective in mind. Each plan is meticulously formulated with accurate and precise financial projections supporting written plan components that eloquently impart the essence of the underlying business and its financial potential. In addition, Lotus business plans are supplemented with industry leading market research from companies like IBIS World and with GIS demographic mapping from companies like ERSI. Lotus export plans are research intensive; they require dozens of hours of direct market research. Lotus is a business plan consulting firm that methodically constructs each plan only after we have a complete and thorough understanding of our client's business and its capital objectives. Unlike many firms; we personalize the process which ensures a positive client experience. Regardless of the size or stage of your business; our expertise can help your firm rise to its full potential. Whether you are in the" start-up" phase, established and looking to gain market share, launching a new product or service, or interested in exporting; we can help! Lotus has the expertise to structure the most favorable plan to meet your loan, equity, or international objectives. When a business plan is presented to a bank for a bank loan or SBA loan; the plan is presented to a Commercial Banker. Lotus Business Plans was founded by an experienced Commercial Banker - there is no substitute for this highly specialized expertise when it comes to the critical function of business plan development.

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Bank of America Plaza
Seattle, WA

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