Alumni Entrepreneurs

Daniel Heagerty, 1973


Natural Systems Utilities

Type of Business

Architecture and Engineering

Description of Business or Organization

NSU finances, designs, builds and operates natural systems utilities for sustainable water, wastewater and energy systems. Utility systems can ranges from an office tower to an urban district to a community of 25,000 population. The technology or natural system to be utilized depends on the site and load conditions, the level of conservation and reuse to be achieved, etc.

Contact Information

2 Clerico Lane, Suite 210
Hillsborough, New Jersey

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen helped me to look for patterns and systems, often hidden, that underlie how things can work more effectively and sustainably through integration and systems dynamics. Though the coursework back in '73 was not defined as such, the thinking/thought-processes fundamental to this were taught.