Alumni Entrepreneurs

Gwen Copeland, 1999


Grin Unlimited

Type of Business

Personal Care and Service

Date of Operation

Launched in September 2011

Description of Business or Organization

Ecobubs Wool-Blend Diapers from NZ and diapering accessories store and The Cloth Diaper Butler, the must-have tool for modern cloth. We are a green conscious company and have built our business with the awareness that one choice, one change, one person, and one company make a difference. *We give back with 1% For the Planet *We use 100% recycled paper products *We use LED lighting *We are diligent recyclers and have appropriate and accessible bins. *We use recycled office furniture *We work local vendors whenever possible. *Our diaper inserts are sewn together by a factory within 30 miles of our office. *We believe cloth diapering is a step in the right direction for the health of our babies and our planet. *The Cloth Diaper Butler is 100% made in the USA with eco-friendly products.

Contact Information

San Rafael, Ca

Please describe any patents you hold on inventions or processes and where those are held and when you got the patent.

Patent Pending application status on The Cloth Diaper Butler.

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen opened my mind to the incredible benefits of collaboration. Starting a business requires an immense amount of creativity and foresight. Collaborating with my business partner, vendors, etc., enlivened the experience, enriched the process, and improved our final outcome.