Alumni Entrepreneurs

Kristin Stewart, 1987


Emerald Marine Carpentry

Type of Business

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Date of Operation


Description of Business or Organization

Restoration and Repair of mainly wooden boats along with interior renovations and all parts wooden on boats. Occasionally the dream job of new construction will come along. If circumstances allow owners are encouraged to be involved in the work and often times evolves into 'boat camp'. Originally Olympia Shipwrights, after we moved to Anacortes, Andy re-named and restarted his business. In the 15 or so years of business the business has grown to take on 3 other partners and various seasonal part time people, including a position for me in the office/shop. I can apply my years of working in the office at Northwest Marine Technology and some time as executive assistant at Booshoot Gardens as well as using my years of boating and wooden boat experience in a professional arena. Being married to the boss doesn't hurt either having seen the business change, grow and establish a good reputation throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Contact Information

703 30th Street
Anacortes, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Well, it may sound cliche but in giving me the tools to know how to learn and especially define and act on my passions and strengths. Maybe it took more years than other situations but I have to say I am extremely satisfied to contribute to the family business which involves technical skills and arts, tradition, outdoor skills, customer service, the joy of being part of helping people's dreams and livelihoods flourish. Knowing that I am most happy when I am involved in the whole picture was an awareness I acquired through my Evergreen Education.