Alumni Entrepreneurs

Eddie Spatz, 1977


Bigg Hedd Edd's

Type of Business


Date of Operation

Coming soon

Description of Business or Organization

I envision a retail establishment in and outside of cyberspace. There will be a factory but no bricks and mortar location. I envision a unique delivery system for local customers and eventually duplicating that system in major cities everywhere. So far the business occupies the space between my ears where it has lots of space to grow. Bigg Hedd Edd's will carry machine made and handcrafted hats, for men and women, children, dogs, dolls and every head that fits. BHE will have its own line and some established brands, all styles, colors and sizes. Accessories and oddities as well. Watch this space as I bring BHE's from the inner mind to the outer limits! Well, there I go again, can't contain it but I can own it.

Contact Information

Los Angeles, California

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

An eclectic mix of Visual Arts, Creative Writing and the "Evergreen Flavor". Evergreen does not seem to be what it was in the '70s but then, nothing is. Got to grow, change, evolve.