Alumni Entrepreneurs

Evelyn Undziakiewicz, 2002


Oasis Home Residence

Type of Business

Community and Social Services

Date of Operation

March 22, 2011-present

Description of Business or Organization

On March 22 of last year I founded Oasis Home Residence to help women living alone. By choice or by chance, many women will be single for a portion of their adult lives. Women who are alone because of eviction, home foreclosure, divorce, death of a spouse, single by choice, or alone in a marriage (through physical separation, disease, or estrangement) will find starting over or remaining stable less daunting in our residence. Oasis Home Residence has become the perfect respite to reestablish stability and hope during a seemingly hopeless time in the lives of the women we serve. Oasis Home Residence welcomes women of all ages who need a safe, clean and comfortable home to renew mind, body and soul. We encourage understanding kinships and career employment by networking with other women in the community. Recently our organization received a letter of determination for a nonprofit status. We are very excited to have this status because we can add needed services to the community of women we serve. Presently, we have a 100% resident capacity because the need is so great. In addition to housing we have implemented workshops to help or residents acquire the tools and information that will influence their journey moving forward.

Contact Information

814 North L Street
Tacoma, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

YES! I had this plan for many years but only received the courage to go for it after my Evergreen experience.