Alumni Entrepreneurs

Ken Koester, 1987



Type of Business

Computer, Technology and Web

Date of Operation

January 2011 - present

Description of Business or Organization

FoundIt! is a lost-and-found identification service based on "optimistic pragmatism." FoundIt! gives each member a unique ID, and ways to tag and label their stuff. With 2000+ clients, a 96% success rate, and a glowing review from CNET ("Best-of-the-Best Emerging Startups"), we've built a service on the premise that people want to do the right thing - and WILL DO THE RIGHT THING - if you make it easy. Companies and schools are partnering with our platform, to brand it with their color schemes and logos. In today's social media world, where a bad customer experience can "go viral," it resonates with the feel-good vibe of Customer Care and Community -- while mixing a healthy dab of valued brand stickiness/loyalty/awareness.

Contact Information

520 Pike Street
Seattle, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

The core of the Evergreen experience is the seminar format. Evergreen gave me the confidence to speak up, listen and work with groups.