Alumni Entrepreneurs

Ellen Ganz, 1998


Salmon River Brewery

Type of Business

Hospitality (lodging food and beverage)

Date of Operation


Description of Business or Organization

Salmon River Brewery makes craft beer using using as many local and regional ingredients as possible. We are a family-friendly restaurant and pub with outdoor seating in the summer, and we frequently feature live music and special events. We have a full restaurant menu including many treats from the BBQ.

Contact Information

300 West Colorado Street
McCall, Idaho

Please describe any patents you hold on inventions or processes and where those are held and when you got the patent.

We are in the process of having some of our beer recipes patented.

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

I found Evergreen's programs encouraged me to be an independent thinker. In my independent studies programs, learning outside the classroom became common place and allowed me to open my mind to opportunities that I could create for myself.