Alumni Entrepreneurs

Katie Harris, 1978


Crossroads Trade

Type of Business


Date of Operation

1999 - present

Description of Business or Organization

Crossroads Trade is dedicated to ensuring the survival of indigenous craft traditions around the world. On this site you will see crafts of superb quality from artisans who employ timeless techniques. In addition to seeking the finest work available, we emphasize the uncommon. Most items you will see on our website are not available in stores or online. We showcase work from producer groups whose traditions are little known in the United States. Each year we scout new locales to identify new artisans and traditions. We’re dedicated to ensuring fair trade. The crafts are purchased directly from artisans, cooperatives, refugee communities, economic development initiatives and a limited number of wholesalers who subscribe to fair trade principles. Artisans are paid promptly, receive a fair wage by local standards and set the price for their work. Working conditions are clean, safe and accessible.

Contact Information

4701 SW Admiral Way, #81
Seattle, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

I learned to advocate for my think-outside-the-box ideas.