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David Franklin, 1996


David Franklin

Type of Business

Education, Training and Library

Date of Operation

1996 - Present

Description of Business or Organization

Do you or your organization: - Have great ideas but lack the focus or discipline to bring them to fruition? - Experience a lack of results, attendance, and/or focus from your staff, employees, or Board members? - Wonder why employees lack your passion, motivation, or commitment? - Experience poor communication, disruptive conflict, and lack of teamwork amongst people within your organization? - Struggle with making decisions? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, Leadership Coaching, Training/Facilitation, or Systems Consulting with David can support you to achieve the level of success and impact that you desire. My passion is in working with leaders and organizations who are committed to creating a world that serves the greatest good. As such, my priority is to support your organization in fulfilling the triple bottom line: people, profits, and the planet. I want to see you and your organization fire on all cylinders, where you and your co-workers: - Come to work inspired, energized, and ready to get the job done - Accomplish tasks quickly and effectively - Experience a sense of community, trust, and connection that goes beyond simply getting a paycheck - Achieve balance between your personal and professional lives - Prosper financially - Take pride in what you stand for - Know where you're going and how you'll get there - Do whatever it takes to achieve you vision and mission - Make a difference in the world and create real change If you: - Are a leader who values the triple-bottom-line: people, profits, and the planet - Are a non-profit, small business, entrepreneur, or socially-responsible organization who wants to make a difference in the world - Recognize that changing the world includes changing yourself, and are committed to walking your talk - Are willing to take a stand for the change you wish to see Then contact David to get started immediately to schedule a free consultation!

Contact Information

Bainbridge Island, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

It gave me the skills to be self-disciplined, self-motivated, and creative in my approach to business and in my work with clients.