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Karen Kirsch, 1980


Body of Knowledge

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Counseling and Therapy

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I work within the modality of Somatic Movement Therapy and practice from the premise that body experience and movement hold a unique role in understanding and transforming human behavior. Sessions develop by directing clients awareness to sensation, impulse, movement and/or emotion in order to support physiological and neurological process. I use observation of movement to inform the implementation of techniques or sequences which support integration of physical and emotional states. The pace and direction of this work is client led through verbal and nonverbal feedback. I also design workshops for any group that wants to bring new perspectives to their work through movement and the body. This approach is founded in dance therapy, developmental movement, interpersonal neurobiology and Laban Movement Analysis.

Contact Information

1602 88th Ave SW
Olympia, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen faculty and programs expanded my limited idea of what dance is and introduced me to Laban movement analysis which began my journey of discovery of the body as the mind.