Alumni Entrepreneurs

Jeremy Moberg, 2001


Okanogan Cannabis Association

Type of Business

Organic Farming and Fishing

Description of Business or Organization

The Okanogan Cannabis Association was formed to help guide Washington state to a sustainable cannabis industry. Currently the industry produces cannabis indoors. This requires vast amounts of power and is associated with producing 4600 pounds of carbon for each pound of cannabis, equal to driving a car across the US five times. A single joint is equal to leaving a 100 watt light on for a day or driving 25 miles. We have lobbied the Liquor Control Board to adopt sustainable practices. Unfortunately, they don't seem willing to ban indoor growing altogether and are weary of cannabis grown in the open sun. Our group has been featured on CNN and a sunday cover story in the Seattle Times by Bob Young. We hare hopeful that the final rules will allow for organic sun grown cannabis in the market.

Contact Information

PO Box 57
Riverside,, WA