Alumni Entrepreneurs

Chris Travers, 1997


Efficito, Ltd

Type of Business

Computer, Technology and Web

Description of Business or Organization

Efficito provides support contracts and hosting for the acclaimed LedgerSMB open source accounting and ERP framework. We can host customized versions of the software as well as unaltered versions, and offers a basic database hosting along with our standard packages. The company is run by the two most prolific developers on LedgerSMB in recent years and we bring a wealth of financial, business, and technical know-how needed to ensure ERP projects are implemented successfully.

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How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

I studied history and the like at Evergreen, but I also worked in the computer lab. The combination of the two ensured that I was comfortable in a collaborative environment, willing to stand apart from others as I saw necessary, and willing to take and offer criticism when needed. These have prepared me to enter into the software development world as a self-taught developer and software engineer, and to create frameworks and approaches which both work but take things from a different perspective. If I had to give three major influences it would be my studies at Evergreen (and the way that I continue them on my own), my work in the computer lab, and my love of chess, and two of those are tied to my time at Evergreen.