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Wendy Daray, 1993 & 2001


Wendy Daray

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I offer Bowenwork, a gentle, manual therapy, which helps ease the effects of stress on both body and mind, improve sleep and reset your own innate ability to heal, both physically and emotionally. I teach ChiWalking, which focuses on efficient alignment, from which to develop a fitness and/or a mindfulness-based walking practice. I also teach yoga from a restorative perspective. A restorative-based personal yoga practice encourages the body and the mind to deeply relax and to heal. My business specializes in working with women through pregnancy and beyond and with babies and children.

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Olympia, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen encouraged me to look deeper and to see connections that may not be immediately evident. My business has evolved into a blend of three modalities that synergistically support each other. I work from a new and evolving paradigm of health, which integrates stress management, exercise and nutrition as the foundation of personal wellness.