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An Alumna Reports: Enrich the World and Enrich Yourself

by Dr. Shaz Austin Davison ’96, MPA ’99

Throughout my life, service has been my calling. When engaged in community service, I am conscious of and grateful for the divine interconnectedness I feel as part of such important work.

Many of us wonder why must we experience painful disasters such as the Sumatra tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, or 9/11. I have discovered that once one engages in helping a family, a community, or a city rebuild, something is restored within oneself. It doesn’t only bring tears of joy for those who are being served but also those who are serving.

For me this is what life is about; whether it’s helping develop needed programming in India, bringing housing to the people and hay to the animals of Lewis County following their flood, or my latest efforts, visiting Bay St. Louis as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer, I share in the remarkable stories of survival. I am convinced that it is I who am most blessed. I’ve found these opportunities to give are also opportunities to be filled – and live life to the fullest.

My next venture will be starting a restorative justice program at the Shelton prison. I look forward to this opportunity.

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