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Alumna Attorney Practices Law and Social Justice

by Nicky Tiso ’10

Wendy Squires ’76, has run the Portland, Oregon law firm she founded with husband Angel Lopez for 25 years. Squires and Lopez, LLC , located in downtown Portland, boasts a bilingual team of seven lawyers and twelve staff members who center their practice around meeting the legal needs of the region’s Hispanic community.

As an early graduate of Evergreen, Squires witnessed the start-up years when the campus was being built, competitive sports were unheard of, and mountaineering students roamed campus barefoot with climbing rope slung over their shoulders. She emerged from this liberal environment with a passion for social justice.

At Willamette Law School, Squires met her future husband, Angel Lopez, in a class on the legal underpinnings of forming partnerships.

“We wanted to start a private business that has something to do with our political and social values,” Squires said. “We wanted to be crusaders; we wanted to wear the white hat and represent the underdog.”

Their crusading ethic, along with fluency in Spanish, suggested a niche market – the large and growing Hispanic communities of northern Oregon – individuals who often find themselves disenfranchised by their lack of ability in English. The result has created a successful business that allows Squires to “earn money, raise a family, and satisfy our do-good natures as well.”

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