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catalogs - multipleDo you ever wonder if Evergreen still offers some of the amazing types of programs you experienced when you were here? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Taken from this year’s academic catalog, here’s a small sample of programs that illustrate Evergreen’s continuing commitment to broad topics of inquiry, with a special focus on team-taught, interdisciplinary programs.

Animal Morphology, Motion, and Mind

Ruth Hayes, Kevin Francis and Amy Cook - biologymedia artsphilosophyvisual artszoology

Citizen Science: Ecoliteracy

Frederica Bowcutt, Gaku Mitsumata and Jeff Antonelis-Lapp - botanyecologyenvironmental studiesfield studiesnatural historyoutdoor leadership and educationwriting.

Drawing on Earth: Explorations in the Aesthetics and Dynamics of the Earth

Lucia Harrison and Abir Biswas - aestheticsart historyecologyenvironmental studiesfield studiesgeographygeologynatural historyvisual artswriting

Ecological Niche: The Interface of Human and Animal Behavior

Alison Styring, Steven Scheuerell and George Freeman - biologycommunity studiescultural studiesecologyenvironmental studiesfield studieshealthmathematicsnatural historyoutdoor leadership and educationpsychologywritingzoology

Equatorial Studies: Sound, Science and the Western Imagination

Sean Williams, Heather Heying and Eric Stein - anthropologycultural studiesenvironmental studiesgeographyinternational studiesmusicnatural history

Foundations of Health Science

Benjamin Simon, Glenn Landram and Lydia McKinstry - biochemistrybiology, business and management, chemistry, economics, health, mathematics, physiology.


Julia Zay and Naima Lowe – media arts, media studies and moving image.

Stages of Discovery: Revolutions in Art and Science

Elizabeth Williamson, Andrea Gullickson and Krishna Chowdary – aesthetics, history, literature, physics, theater, writing. 

And yes, there’s a trip to the Grand Canyon, study abroad, individual and group learning contracts, and lots of other experiences beyond the classroom as well.

The entire Evergreen catalog is available online

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