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How Does David Bowie Like His Eggs?

Chef Ron Smoire '76 can let you know.

by Nicky Tiso ’10

Ron Smoire with Bill ClintonRon Smoire '76 is a rock star roadie of food. He's been a chef for 30 years, a self-employed private chef for 15 years, cooking for Los Angeles movie studio heads, record company executives, musicians and even former President Bill Clinton. I tried— unsuccessfully—to squeeze some tabloid-worthy juice out of him. While he won't gossip about clients, he's still got substance to spill.

Smoire graduated from Evergreen in 1976, just five years after the school opened. He didn't formally study food until attending a French pastry school in 1983, but he was the "designated cook" in campus houses full of hungry students. Being at a new college, Smoire claims changed his world-view.

"Watching it all grow and seeing the decision-making process unfold was critical to seeing how the world works,” he says. “Evergreen was instrumental in making me a much more proactive individual and citizen and take action when necessary. I know what's right because at Evergreen you were involved in decision-making processes and people listened to you.

Working for celebrities, Smoire has to adapt to various eating styles like raw and vegan. Luckily, his vegetarian phase at Evergreen helped familiarize him with a variety of eating cultures. He cooks as organically as he can, has solar panels on his house and supports environmental issues that are beginning, he says, to enter the consciousness of the general public in Los Angeles.

Would Smoire be upset to know the state of Evergreen's cafeteria food today?

Well, it can't be worse than when I was there," he laughs.

Smoire has plans to partner with architectural firms to work on kitchen design. When asked of his ambitions to cook for the new U.S. president, Smoire said he would be honored to serve the Obama family.