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Beginning with Convocation on September 19, 2011, Evergreen announced 40 weeks of programs and events around the country celebrating 40 years of teaching and learning, and counting down to a very special weekend in May, Return to Evergreen.

On October 4, 1971, Evergreen's first president, Charles McCann, three deans and 18 faculty members held the first day of classes; 1,178 new students attended. The following June, 21 of those students received their diplomas, becoming the Class of ’72, Evergreen's first graduates.

Forty years later, with close to 40,000 graduates, the Evergreen community is celebrating; reflecting on the achievements of the college as it has matured, acknowledging the alumni who help build and sustain communities all over the world, and imagining the future.

Through a series of Traveling Seminars and special events, we will take some of the best of Evergreen to cities around the nation, offering opportunities for alumni to reconnect. We’ll also encourage alumni and friends to return to campus and engage with the places and the people who, collectively, comprise the Evergreen community.

Traveling seminars take the Evergreen experience on the road to alumni and friends across the country  

Evergreen's Traveling Seminar

We are hosting traveling seminars at eight locations around the US: New York City, Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, Santa Barbara (Carpinteria), Seattle, Portland and Olympia. Connect with other Greeners and seminar on a wide variety of topics from Happiness to Entrepreneurship, the American Dream to Education in the Age of the Internet. Learn more or sign up now!

Join us on Sunday, November 6 for the Art of Living

Evergreen's 40th Anniversary

The Art of Living, a fundraising auction, is our annual celebration of art and culture. It features original artwork in a variety of media from and by Evergreen alumni, faculty and students. Featured artists include: Tom Anderson '73, visiting faculty member Greg Colfax, emeritus faculty member Joe Feddersen, Nikki McClure '91, Anna McKee '81, and many more. By joining us you will contribute to the Evergreen Annual Fund, supporting students scholarships, the Evergreen Gallery and other critical campus needs. A special preview showing of selected live auction art in the Evergreen Gallery runs through November 3. Learn more or purchase tickets for the Art of Living auction.

A Musical Recital in Seattle to Welcome the Winter Season

Back in the seventies, Cyndia Sieden'76 and Judith Cohen ’79 were friends who loved, studied and played music together. They have maintained their musical friendship all these years, Judith becoming a concert pianist and Cyndia an international opera star. On Tuesday, December 8, they will share their artistry with Greeners and friends on stage at the Seattle Women’s University Club in an intimate recital of opera arias, songs and short solo piano pieces by various composers including Schubert, Strauss, Gershwin, Bartok and Evergreen alumnus, Greg Youtz. Evergreen Faculty Member Andrew Buchman will perform his original piano solo dedicated to the beloved Evergreen Faculty Member Emeritus, Bill Winden. Register now.

Return to Evergreen in May – Save the Date!
You. Here. Again. May 2012.

Evergreen's 40th Anniversary

This is the big event for our 40th Anniversary celebration – a weekend for rekindling old friendships, building new ones, re–engaging in Evergreen-style learning and just having fun. For alumni and friends, May 18-20, 2012 at Evergreen.
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