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Evergreen's 40th Anniversary Return to Evergreen

Beginning with Convocation on September 19, 2011, Evergreen announced 40 weeks of programs and events around the country celebrating 40 years of teaching and learning, and counting down to a very special weekend in May, Return to Evergreen

The largest, most complex event Evergreen has ever created unfolds over three days this spring, May 18-20.  Planners expect hundreds of alumni, faculty and students to return to campus to engage in over 40 seminars, panels and lectures, renew old acquaintances, make new connections, and shake off the years dancing under the moonlight on Red Square.

At the time of this writing, there are approximately 75 alumni facilitators, speakers and panel moderators on board.  Thirty-plus faculty members will offer workshops, seminars, panels and more.  Don’t miss Marilyn Frasca’s “Catch Up Journal Writing” or Steve Herman’s “Exploring Evergreen’s 1,000 Acre Wood”

Here are a few highlights:

Professor emeritus Oscar Soule will explore “The State of the Environmental Movement in 2012” with environmental leaders such as League of Conservation Voters’ Ed Zuckerman '77 and Natural Resource Defense Council’s Dan Tishman '77.

Media faculty member Ruth Hayes will facilitate a ‘fishbowl’ seminar examining four decades of comics, graphic novels and animation at Evergreen in “Animation, Comics and Graphic Novels: A Great Evergreen Tradition.”  Luminaries from Evergreen’s early years such as Matt Groening '77 (The Simpsons), Craig Bartlett '81 (Hey Arnold and Dinosaur Train) and Steve Willis '79 (Morty the Dog) will talk about their craft with alumni from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s including Tommy Thompson '11 who created his stop-action short “High Strung” in Evergreen’s Center for Creative and Applied Media (CCAM).

Retired faculty member Dan Leahy teams up with Yale faculty member Matthew Jacobson '81 to co-facilitate a seminar on “The History of the 99% in the Long 20th Century” (from the Labor Movement of the 1890s to Occupy).

Faculty member Sean Williams will facilitate a seminar on “James Joyce and the Irish Otherworld.” Williams explains: The Irish Otherworld is called "Tír na nÓg," and it translates as "The Land of the Ever Young." It's a parallel universe located perpetually in the west; it's where we come from when we're born, and where we go when we die.

Tom Rainey, faculty emeritus, returns to campus to engage alumni in a discussion around “The Future of Liberal Democracy,” a topic he lists as uppermost in his mind these days.

Register now. See you in May!

Greeners in the News

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Jenny Reed '09
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Josh Blue '01
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Feature Articles – Return to Evergreen Anniversary Issue

Evergreen's 40th AnniversaryThe Presidents Seminar

The Presidents Seminar will be an historic forum for four decades of Evergreen leader-educators - presidents, provosts and faculty members - to discuss the road from 1967 to 2012 and beyond.  

Provost Michael Zimmerman will facilitate The Presidents Seminar, a conversation involving many perspectives, vantage points and experiences, focusing on Evergreen’s origins, the pathways to the present and what lies ahead. Along the way, you’ll be treated to a variety of perspectives on our history, perhaps some myth-busting, and certainly an outstanding discussion on issues of importance to Evergreen as we enter our fifth decade.  

The first event in Evergreen’s three-day anniversary celebration, the Presidents Seminar is scheduled for Friday, May 18 from 11 am to 12:30 pm in the College Recreation Center Gymnasium. It is open to current faculty, staff and students, as well as everyone registered to attend Return to Evergreen.

Randy StilsonVisit The Evergreen Archives: Where the Stories Live

Evergreen archivist Randy Stilson invites returning alumni and friends to visit Archives and Special Collections, located in The Library Underground (basement level), during Return to Evergreen. Tours will be held throughout the weekend Saturday 10:30 am - 6:15 pm and Sunday 12 pm - 7:45 pm

In addition to the ongoing tours, Randy has arranged a special challenge: a Photograph Identification Project. These mystery images will be on view in Room 0406 (classroom) of the Library in hopes that returning alumni will be able to identify many of the people, places and things in these photos.

Test your memory as you examine captured moments of Evergreen's past!

Writing CenterThe Evergreen Writing Center Celebrates Evergreen's 40th with Poetry and Exhibits

Saturday, May 19th, 10:30 am - 6:15 pm
Writing Center, Library 2304

Type: An Exhibit of Writing and Writing Tools from the Past 40 Years

Writing has been an axis of inquiry and expression at Evergreen since its founding. As we've moved from typewriter to computer, visit the Writing Center to see artifacts of student self-expression and the tools students used to create their works.

40 Years and 17 Syllables: The Evergreen Experience Haiku Project

Haiku: an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually five, seven, and five syllables respectively. Traditionally haiku themes evoke the natural world or the seasons.

The eternal Japanese form of haiku creates immense beauty through compression and seems a fitting form to represent the longevity and creativity of Evergreen. Visit the Writing Center during the Return to Evergreen weekend to reflect on your Evergreen experience and add your haiku to those generated by students, staff, and faculty during April's National Poetry Month.

Students and staff at the Writing Center have chosen this literary structure as a means of engaging the Evergreen community leading up to and at the 40th Anniversary. Center Director Sandra Yannone explains: "We've chosen the haiku because it is a timeless, elegant, concise form. The compression often creates surprises of immense beauty. It seems a fitting way to commemorate Evergreen's longevity and continued growth and provides an opportunity for everyone to take pause and reflect, a hallmark of the Writing Center's work."

Leading up and during the May event, faculty, staff and students will be invited to write a haiku in honor of the 40th anniversary, some of which will be shared with alumni in the weeks leading up to Return to Evergreen. During the Return to Evergreen weekend in May the Writing Center will hold a haiku workshop at their open house and/or at a display area in the Library. Alumni are encouraged to encapsulate their thoughts about Evergreen, the student years, or how Evergreen has shaped their lives, to add their voices to the visual display. Compiled works will be shared with the community via the Evergreen web site over the summer.

Happy Land

When you Return to Evergreen, (Re)discover Favorite Campus Places and Hidden Gems

Happyland is gone, but many Evergreen icons are still here and you’ll find much that is new.  Don’t miss the great open houses staff and students have planned for you.

Open Houses during Return to Evergreen


Evergreen Faculty Members Excel:
Excerpts from this quarter's faculty research and publications update

 Faculty emeritus Leo Daugherty published three books in three years. The Assassination of Shakespeare's Patron: Investigating the Death of the Fifth Earl of Derby came out last year from Cambria Press. Leo also edited Richard Barnfield's Greenes Funeralls and Orpheus His Journey to Hell: A Modernized Edition with Parallel Photographic Reproductions of the Original Elizabethan Texts, published by Lulu in 2009.

Dylan Fischer, Abir Biswas, and Carri LeRoy are co-authors on a just published paper, "Diversity-Carbon Flux Relationships in a Northwest Forest," in the international journal Diversity. This is the first major paper from a five-year effort measuring carbon flux patterns in the TESC forests. The paper features recent Evergreen graduates Justin Kirsch '08, Alexandra Kazakova '09, Rachael Kelm '11, and David Carlson '11.

Check the web for all faculty updates.

Evergreen's 40th Anniversary

Greener Authors: Return to Evergreen with your latest book

Returning alumni and faculty who are listed in the Evergreen Authors Directory are invited to bring along a copy of your latest published book to add to our growing collection. All books will be displayed in the ‘Evergreen Creates’ show case on the 3rd floor of the Library. 

If you haven’t created your listing yet, visit the Evergreen Authors Directory and add your work to the growing directory.

Evergreen's 40th Anniversary

Evergreen for the next 40 years

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