Alumni Programs

Evergreen Recognizes Entrepreneurial Alumni

It’s not a secret. Evergreen alumni are innovative, resourceful, and creative. Many are also persistent and driven to achieve; the perfect recipe to yield an entrepreneur. The number of alumni who have created businesses, services and inventions is so overwhelming it has triggered a new recognition program: The Evergreen Alumni Entrepreneur Association.

“Right now, it’s literally about recognition, a lovely sticker suitable for store, office or car window,” explains alumni relations director R.J. Burt.

“Here in the Puget Sound area, where most of our alumni live and work, Greeners will be able to find fellow alumni as they go about their daily business. Non-Greener community members will see, graphically, the contribution our alumni make.”

Farther afield, alumni often carry the banner for their alma mater. As Evergreen welcomed its largest freshman class ever last fall and continues to be noted among the country’s top ranked colleges, alumni can proudly display their college affiliation.

“We asked our staff artists to come up with something that is both an effective piece of communication and an elegant artistic statement,” Burt said. “I think alumni will be delighted with the outcome.”  

The stickers, along with a brief questionnaire asking alumni to describe their entrepreneurial achievement, will be hitting the mail soon. The initial mailing list is derived from news stories, alumni self-identification and third-party tips. If you have started a business or non-profit organization, or hold a patent on a product or process, please contact R.J. Burt or Katie Frank in the Office of Alumni Relations, The longer the list, the better the network. And everybody knows, entrepreneurs are great networkers!