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Aesthetics of Light

Featured Artist: Hart Boyd '05

Hart Boyd, a 2005 Photography Internship graduate, creates compelling images of textured light entirely in the dark- without the use of negatives. More akin to painting than traditional photography, each print is an irreproducible image. Boyd illuminates photographic paper using instruments selected for their ability to yield light of particular properties.

Hart Boyd Art

“Everything is made without visual stimulus, but rather from memory or stimuli of the other senses,” he explains. Although his images evoke any number of associations – dye diffusing through water, or cracked membranes – “It is important to remember that what is being seen is purely an aesthetic of light.”

Boyd recently reconstructed his instruments to lend greater control to the process. The resulting images are unnervingly delicate and complex, employing rich color to accentuate their sensual forms. 

Boyd exhibited recently at Joe Bar in Seattle (

His new work can be viewed at:

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