Alicia Marroquin

Alicia Marroquin


A.D.N., Long Beach CC, 1979
B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1989
M.A., St. Martins University, 1992
Ph.D., Esoteric Theological Seminary, 2009


Blue Pearl Arts


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Alicia Ros Marroquin, PhD is an Artist and Writer. The Art Spirit permeates all aspects of Dr. Marroquin's life. Recognition as an artist began at age nine. She earned her doctoral degree in esoteric spiritual studies and continues practice as a helping professional, a nurse psychotherapist and spiritual counselor. For those on the quest for higher knowledge she offers lectures and apprenticeships.

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Wine to Water: the Quest to Consciousness

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Wine to Water: the Quest to Consciousness is a book of spiritually based commentary about wisdom, the future and the world as it is today. Paintings by the author introduce each chapter. The author invites us to seek wisdom knowledge, a knowledge that demands a journey of self reflection of what is truly of value in each of our lives and our world.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

I graduated from the Helping Professional program in 1989. It woke up my soul. The program challenged me to come to terms with my hidden past and it was the most rewarding transformation I have undergone in my life. It has led me to where I am today. Fellow students and my professor Diana Cushing were so instrumental in helping me find my way. I love the college and the freedom it fosters for unfolding oneself and others for becoming good people. The more good people who populate our universe the better for all humankind.