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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 2005


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Melissa Welter is a writer and gardener. Her avid love for trying new things in the kitchen has been vastly encouraged by weekly cooking phone dates and periodic questions about which plants in the garden are edible. She sees sharing good food as a cornerstone of community and creating community as the force behind social movements of all sorts. She lives in a small house with a big yard in northern California

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Eating Rich, Living PoorLatest Publication Title

Eating Rich, Living Poor: DIY Food By Necessity

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The first Thanksgiving after giving up gluten filled me with gratitude. Living in the same state as my family meant a shared Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in years. I had learned, over the last ten months, to dread going out. Potlucks no longer meant pleasure but deprivation. While friends feasted, I was forced to be content with carrot sticks. Even the dip on vegetable trays was a dubious mystery that I was unwilling to risk my health on. It's fine, I told everyone. No problem. I like carrot sticks. Sometimes, I even convinced myself.