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I graduated from Evergreen in 1973. Like all good geoducks, we started out in the mud. Pete Sinclair was my creative writing professor. I went on the first Evergreen climb of Mt. Rainier with Willie Unsoeld. In 1974 I played professional soccer for the first Seattle Sounders team and the first Portland Timbers team in 1975-76. Since then I have been a professional photographer, author, real estate investor, and general handyman. I met my wife, Dr. Carol L Otis, in 1980 on a trip to the Galapagos Islands. We lived in Malibu, CA for twenty years. Together we published "Campus Health Guide" (College Board, 1989) and "The Athletic Woman's Survival Guide" (Human Kinetics, 2000). We were also sports medicine columnists for Shape magazine and published articles in many magazines such as Runner's World and Men's Fitness. I moved to Portland OR about ten years ago where I recently developed Mississippi Marketplace and Cartlandia, two food cart pods in Portland.

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Energy Policy in the U.S.: Politics, Challenges and Prospects for Change

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We sat in awed silence, metamorphosing from points of light to prehistoric man fascinated with flame. For eternal nanoseconds we flitted back and forth. One moment we were the fire, no more than ethereal flame. Nothing but a flicker of light and everlasting energy. The next moment we sat outside it and saw the flame as God, our beneficiary, our protector from woolly behemoths. In pagan disorder we danced around the fire all night, our hearts racing with discovery.

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