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B.A., Evergreen State College, 2004



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Alex Jennings is a graduate of the Clarion West Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop. His short stories and poetry have won numerous awards. This book, his first, collects the best of his work from Albedo One, Neverlands and Otherwheres, Electric Velocipede, and elsewhere as well as several new stories. Alex lives and works in New Orleans.

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Here I Come and Other Stories

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From Here He Is by Nisi Shawl:  "Alex Jennings has arrived.  His book is in your hands, his stories seeking entry to your head.  Out of the darkness which surrounds us everywhere -- jungles, shooting galleries, coffee shops, Hell -- he has conjured a grimy goodness you really don't want to do without.

If you sit down to read these stories, you may find yourself on your chair's edge, leaning forward, getting as close to them as you can.  That's what I did.  However, based on later experience I recommend not reading them in bed, at night, alone.  You may wind up closer to them than you had intended.  You may sink inside them and fall asleep.  You may not be sure you'll wake up."