Alexander C. Morley

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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 2011
Creative Writing and Consciousness Studies


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Biographical Note

Born in Phoenix, AZ and attended Evergreen from 2008-2011. Alexander C. began writing when he was a child. It wasn't until his senior year in high school that he began writing creatively. At Evergreen, Alexander C. studied an assortment of subjects from evolutionary biology to artistic history and the religious impulse, to Shakespeare to homeopathic medicine, and creative writing to astronomy. It wasn't until 2010 when Alexander C. wrote his promising short story "Introducing Fletcher." He is a self-employed writer. He is currently working on a new novel called "The Maestro.

Jorma's BathPublication Types

Fiction and Poetry

Latest Publication Title

Jorma's Bath, 2012

Additional Publications

"An Everlasting Gobstopper" (2008)
"Hart" (2010)
"Jorma's Bath" (2012)

Short Stories:
“Introducing Fletcher…Or Would You Like Some Menstrual Blood With That Coffee?” (2010)
“Blank” (2011)
“Broom” (2011)
“Arts, Dogs, and Shadows” (2011)
“Something” (2011)
“The Back of My Throat Itches and I Like the Way You Eat” (2011)
“Fleas, Peacocks, Siamese Twins And Everything In-between These Silly Sins” (2012)

Publication Excerpt

‘And so it was on a full moonlit night, the wild pack of dogs swarmed the vacant trail in a wooded area and howled up to the moon as if it were their religious rite to do so. A windy night it was; the trees flowed with the wind in a sweet, melodious sway. Overhead on a high branch, an owl stared at the pack with wide eyes and a sinister regard. With the assortment of vast white spruce, eastern white pine, and silky sassafras, the trees held no tolerance for intruders. This was their forest. As the clouds came sweeping in, vapor collectively became too heavy, forcing a burst of rainfall over the forest. The trickling of rain brought nutrients, satisfying the large, demanding trees.

The drenched pack leader held three small rabbits in its mouth, the blood slowly oozed off its fangs. Snapping at the rabbits, the other dogs are impatient and starving. Growling in return, the pack leader commands them to wait. Food is scarce in these woods as if the forest consumed all the living.

Somewhere in the bushes small steps are being made. With an immaculate sense of hearing, the pack leader growled one more time, silencing the pack.

Having dropped the three bloodied rabbits on the moist ground, the pack knew to listen. A green, gaseous fog seeped through the forest. The trees that encounter this heinous green gas instantly decomposed as if their life was taken from them. Hearing the reverberating footsteps from afar, the pack muffled their growls of concern to the leader. Having seen the lush of the forest slowly die, the pack leader felt their life was at stake. As the wind stopped, so did the rain. The hooting owl overhead flew away at the sight of the green fog and the sound of foreign rustling. The invading creature sounded two-legged, probably a human. The sound of muddy soil echoed in the pack’s ears. The pack encountered humans before but very few. The leader listened more intently. It heard only one set of footsteps. We can handle one, it thought.

Seeing the once luscious forest become bare, the pack remained completely still. As the gaseous fog exuded near, its continuous flow stopped. It circled around the pack, leaving them trapped.

Befuddled, the leader orders the pack to stay strong. In an instant, the green fog disappeared. An aimless looking form emerged from the darkened bare woods, covered by two-sewn together pieces of cloth. The greasy haired stomach, looking pinguid and like a rotten plum, protruded out through the cloth. As the figure inched closer, the leader saw the bare feet having elongated toenails, reminiscent of their claws. As the figure neared, a putrid smell arose causing all the small brush quivered and instantly died. As the invader neared the pack, the rancid odor grew severe, immersing the pack like an insidious rash...

How Did Evergreen Help You in Your Career?

Because of Evergreen's dynamic and integrated learning system, Alexander C. was able to produce such creative writings within all segments of his learning career. Evergreen assisted him by the intensive and constructive education. Evergreen was the biggest stepping stone for him. He learned bookmaking, which greatly assisted his post-graduation career. He always looks back at the amazing faculty, programs, and peers that have shaped and formed who he is.