Alissa Nielsen

Alissa Nielsen


B.A., The Evergreen State College, 2002
M.F.A., Pacific University, 2009


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Biographical Note

Alissa Nielsen is a fiction writer, editor and teacher. Her work has appeared in Voice Catcher, Prick of the Spindle and The Raven Chronicles. She studied literature and writing at Charles University in Prague, The Evergreen State College, and earned her MFA from Pacific University. She has worked as an English teacher, contracted literary arts programmer for Bumbershoot music festival, zine curator/librarian for Richard Hugo House literary arts center, and editor-in-chief of Silk Road literary journal. Currently, she lives in Portland, Oregon, where she is working on a collection of short stories.

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Latest Publication Title

"Blue Like Babe," Prick of the Spindle vol 5.1, 2011

Additional Publications

"Consider the Moment," Voice Catcher vol 6, 2011
"Beyond the Bay," WORK on-line journal, 2011
"A Guided Tour of Hildechusetts," Pine Grove Literary Review, 2011

Publication Excerpt

Cody tells me to wait in the closet. The boys from two blocks down are on the front steps and they can't know I'm here and that's just the way things are, ever since Cody turned double-digits last September.

“It'll only be for a little while,” he says.

I sit on a box of Coors Light cans. “Fine,” I say. But it's not fine, not really.

Before the interruption, Cody and I were playing tag in the basement —he chased me over gremlin green carpets, saltwater taffy stuck in shag, as I dodged beanbags and bar stools, one fluorescent light flickering, and when his hand brushed my shoulder, I shrieked just like a barn owl, Cody with both hands over his ears, giggling and gasping, Cody's dad screaming Quiet down! and I did because I was any-kid-under-his-roof.

pub. ©2011 Prick of the Spindle