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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1993
M.A., Pacific University, 1999


All Humans Are Psychic


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I am a high school science teacher in Oakland, Oregon.  My degrees are in Environmental and Cultural Studies (B.A. from The Evergreen State College), and an Education Masters from Pacific U. (Science Specialty).  In 1990-1991, as my second year of college, I took an 8 and 1/2 month trip around the world to six different countries (U.S.A., England, India, Thailand, New Zealand, and Mexico) staying with host families and studying Global Ecology: Integrating Nature and Society, with a group called the International Honors Program.  This life-changing trip is where my spiritual life began, and is the basis of many of my writings.

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An Ordinary Extraordinary Life, 2013

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"In this compelling and accessible meditation on his life, Andy has led me to re-examine the events in my own life that have, for so long, remained unexplained. His is an extraordinary life, indeed."
-Charles Leavitt (screenwriter)

"From amazing predictions to reading people's minds, from out-of-body experiences to communicating with the dead, and from communicating with organisms that have no voice to time travel, it would seem my experiences are not "ordinary." However, I think my life is as "normal" as the next person's. We all share this world and inherit its magnificence. I think it is the eternal scientist in me that is so keenly interested in events such as these. What aspect of our biology have we failed to comprehend that leaves us empty-handed when trying to explain these astonishing abilities? From early childhood I have been on this continual quest for understanding."
Join me in this quest, and may your own journey be broadened in doing so.  -Andy Crocker

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

I'm a public high school science teacher, and more than teaching me knowledge, Evergreen helped me keep an open mind about curriculum design. It also helped me focus on what's really important in a student's education: that he/she learns something that is directly applicable to living in this globally interdependent world.