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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1985


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Biographical Note

August Hunt published his first short stories in his high school newspaper, The Wildcat Wires. These were followed by stories and poems in The Phoenix Literary Magazine of Clark Community College, where he received a writing scholarship. Transferring to Evergreen, he continued to publish pieces in local publications and was awarded the Edith K. Draham literary prize. A few years after graduating in 1985 with a degree in Celtic and Germanic Studies, he published The Road of the Sun: Travels of the Zodiac Twins in Near Eastern and European Myth. Magazine contributions include a cover article on the ancient Sinaguan culture of the American Southwest for Arizona Highways. His first novel, Doomstone, and the anthology From Within the Mist are being offered by publishers Double Dragon. A screenplay entitled "The Perfect Gunfighter" is in development with Cinema Classics of Burbank, CA. In the planning stages are The Creation of Avalon: A Guide to the Design and Construction of Arthurian Sacred Space, The Spirit of Avalon: Summoning Merlin the Mad, The Cauldron of Arthur: Finding Immortality in the Holy Grail and The Goddess of Avalon: Healing the Wounded Arthur. He is a member of the International Arthurian Society, North American Branch.

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Publication Types

Fiction, Non Fiction

Latest Publication

The Secrets of Avalon: An Introduction to Arthurian Druidism, Avalonia, 2010

Additional Publications

King Arthur: Shadows in the Mist, Avalonia, 2010
From Within The Mist, Double Dragon, 2004
Doomstone, Double Dragon Publishing, 2005
What Odin whispered in Balder's Ear: An Explication of Eddic Eschatology, Labrinthos, 1988
Road of the Sun: Travels of the Zodiac King in Near Eastern and European Myth Labrinthos, 1988