Beth Peterson


B.A./B.S., The Evergreen State College, 1994
M.S., University of Washington

Biographical Note

Beth Peterson is the author of two fictional works for children, Myrna Never Sleeps and No Turning Back. She was born in New York, the fourth child of a very large family, and grew up in the Navy travelling from place to place. She continued to travel as an adult, studying and working in Israel, Sweden, and India while a student at the New York-based Friends World College. She settled on the West Coast and lived in Portland, Oregon before moving to Seattle by way of a short detour through Manhattan. During this time, she held a variety of jobs in order to support herself as a writer and photographic artist. She returned to school, graduating from The Evergreen State College with a concurrent BA/BS degree and earning a Masters in Science at the University of Washington. She lives in Seattle where she works as a research scientist at the University of Washington while continuing to write childrens fiction.

No Turning Back cover

Publication Type(s)

Fiction, Children's Fiction


Myrna Never Sleeps, Atheneum, 1995
No Turning Back, Atheneum, 1996