Chelsea Baker

Chelsea Baker


B.A. in Comics and Sequential Art, The Evergreen State College, 2006



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Biographical Note

Born in Omaha, NE, Chelsea Baker decided to pursue a career in cartooning at the ripe old age of eight. She moved to Olympia in 2003 to attend Evergreen despite the fact that she had never set foot in the Pacific Northwest until the day she moved into her dorm room. At Evergreen, she studied Comics and Sequential Art. She is currently a self-employed illustrator/cartoonist and the director of the annual Olympia Comics Festival. She draws a diary-style comic every day and is currently working on a graphic novel about her older sister, Moira, who has Down syndrome.


Publication Type(s)

Fiction, Non-Fiction

Latest Publication Title

Daily Comics vol. 3, 2010

Additional Publications

HayDay - ongoing comic strip (2004-present), Moira: A Sneak Preview (2010), Daily Comics vol. 2 (2010), Daily Comics vol. 1 - 2009, Honey Pie (2008), Cheap Cookin’: A Beginner’s Guide to Affordable Cooking (2007), Chicken of the Sea (2007), HayDay #1: Poultry in Motion (2006), Tales of a Heart-Shaped Box (2004)

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

At Evergreen, Chelsea managed to find ways to incorporate comics into every program she took while at Evergreen. This helped her find ways to express nearly everything with nothing but words and pictures. She also spent several quarters studying comics with former faculty member Jim Blevins who taught countless tricks-of-the-trade for cartoonists and illustrators. She says attending Evergreen is the single greatest decision of her life.