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In 1994 Baldwin began writing short stories about his life and times as a young Boy Scout in 1963. When his mother passed away in 1996, his motivation diminished and he shelved the stories and went back to songwriting full time. In early 2001, Lord Baldwin returned to writing, but this time he began working on a novel, compiling stories from his past as chapters. He continued to slowly work on this book, called Stepping Between The Ants, spending an hour each day to write. Almost two years later, not quite done with the book, he let some of his family and friends read the stories, but after getting negative responses he tabled the project.

In late 2002, he started working on a new book called ‘Heads,’ or Tales from the Summer Of Love.  This story chiefly documents the life of a 17-year-old boy named Reuben, a teenager in the late nineteen-sixties living in Los Angeles who, through a comedy of errors, finds himself living out on the streets during the summer of 1967. The story also follows the lives of six other characters as well as Reuben’s family. This book took about four years to write and another six months to edit.

After getting much more favorable reviews on ‘Heads,’ or Tales from the Summer of Love, Lord Baldwin was encouraged to rewrite the first book, Stepping between the Ants.  The rewrite took another two years and became available in the summer of 2011.

'Heads' or Tales from the Summer of LovePublication Excerpt

With the counterculture-generation backdrop of 1966-1967, 'Heads,' or Tales from the Summer of Love chronicles the struggles and sometimes funny situations of Reuben, a 16-year-old whose life after moving to Portland, Oregon in the summer of 1966 with his family is almost perfect. As school starts, Reuben is on Cleveland High School’s football team, has a girlfriend, is popular and doing well in his studies, and for the first time in his life, has his own bedroom. But the good times come to a sudden halt when Reuben's mother unexpectedly reconciles with her estranged husband, Senior. Soon the family moves to suburban Glendora, California, where Reuben struggles to adjust. This is made harder as Reuben and his brother Chad begin to have run-ins with their stepfather, Senior, who grows less tolerant of them,  imposing punishments and restrictions that last into the summer. As things at home get progressively worse, Reuben, through a series of mistakes and misunderstandings, experiences an assortment of circumstances that find him homeless in Glendora for the entire summer of 1967. 'Heads,' or Tales from the Summer of Love is an eclectic collection of intertwined stories that follows the adventures of Reuben and his friends.

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Stepping between the Ants, Copyright 2011 by Lord Chester L. Baldwin II

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