David Alderman

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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1982

Biographical Note

1982 I began my career in the field of counseling psychology as a Therapy Supervisor at Western State Hospital for the Mentally Ill, Mentally III Offenders ward, in Steilacoom, Washington. I worked there for two years.

1984 I began teaching community education courses in stress management, dream work, and a creative journal process through The Evergreen State College and through South Sound Community College. I taught through Evergreen for two and one half years.  I have also taught similar courses at St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, at Western State Hospital, and at independently run workshops.

1986 Having developed a small private counseling practice, I created, produced and hosted an early morning show entitled "Light Breakfast" on KAOS radio, Olympia. The show offered meditative music and readings, taped lectures by Tara Singh, and live interviews with alternative health professionals and musicians such as Elli Lathem and Paul Horn. "Light Breakfast" won Best New Program Award that year.

1990 I took a five year hiatus from counseling to work full time on the research end of my first book, High Country: The Solo Seeker's Guide to Real Life. During part of that time, I worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist, eventually developing another counseling clientele from contacts within my massage clientele. In total, I have eight years of actual practice in Massage therapy, where I applied much of what I learned as a counselor to the practice of holistic healing.

1994 My article on "Silent Counsel: Counseling Perspectives in Massage Therapy" appeared in The Washington Journal of Massage Therapy.

1996 Noetic Sciences Review published my article, "Science as the New Mythology." Previously, I had published an article in the Olympia News on the topic of stress management as a growth process, and a music review in Radiance Newsletter.

2001 Inner Ocean Publishing published High Country, which received high praise from major authorities in the field of consciousness research and psychology.

Book cover of High Country: The Solo Seekers Guide to Real LifeLatest Publication Title

High Country: The Solo Seekers Guide to Real Life, Inner Ocean Publishing, 2001.

Additional Publication(s)

"Science as the New Mythology," Noetic Sciences Review, 1996. Previously published in the Olympia News.

"Silent Counsel: Counseling Perspectives in Massage Therapy," Washington Journey of Applied Therapy,1994.

"Light Breakfast," Radio program on KAOS Radio.