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BA, Evergreen, 1996; MA, LIOS Graduate College of Saybook University, 2012


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David Franklin

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Radical Men: Simple Practices for Breaking the Myth of Masculinity and Embodying Your Authentic Self, 2012

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Between mass media, cultural standards, and well-meaning men's leaders, chances are that you are overwhelmed with expectations of what it means to be a man. As a result, many men constantly chase an external ideal that often results in unfulfilling work, addiction, obsession with sex and pornography, depression, unsatisfying relationships, and a sense of meaninglessness, confusion, and feeling lost.

Featuring fifty body-based practices that can be done in the midst of daily life, this book by men's leader, educator, and coach David Franklin presents new possibilities for being a man in today's world. Outlining the tenets of Radical Men, David offers new perspectives that shatter current notions of masculinity. Using both personal stories and examples from his work with clients, he presents practical guidelines to support you in discovering who you are and how to live from your core in order to experience a deep sense of purpose, meaning, and connection in all areas of your life.

Radical Men will help you:

• Break free from traditional and current ideas of what it means to be a man

• Know your purpose: who you are and why you're alive

• Cultivate dynamic, intimate, and fulfilling relationships

• Experience a profound spiritual connection that guides and inspires you to greatness

• Co-create a conscious men’s movement in service of the greatest good

This book is not just meant to be read — it is a hands-on manual for a new way of living and creating powerful change on the planet.

Men's coach Michael Taylor, host of A New Conversation With Men radio show and author of the book by the same title, says, "David Franklin has put forth a map for men that can surely support them in discovering who they really are. This is a must-read for any man who is ready to experience his authentic self."

Dave Markowitz, spiritual healer and author of Healing with Source, says, "I've read all the books, taken many workshops, tried to read the minds of women I dated, and still had no clue who or what I was supposed to be. David Franklin's Radical Men came at the perfect time and delivered the perfect message. It was a refreshing read of an old topic that got me excited to continue reading."

Biographical Note

David Franklin, MA, has twenty years of experience teaching, facilitating, and coaching hundreds of people in ritual, workshop, group, and one-on-one settings. As an active participant and leader in the men's movement since the early 90's, an ordained minister, and certified somatic erotic educator, David incorporates his expertise in leadership and organizational development, mindfulness, spiritual development, and natural history from an indigenous perspective to offer simple, down-to-earth practices that can be applied in daily life. In addition to his work as a coach and educator, David is a professional guitarist who has taught and performed for over twenty years. A native New Yorker and bagel and pizza aficionado, he currently lives near Seattle, WA.

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