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B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1974


International Bicycle Fund


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David Mozer is the director of the International Bicycle Fund, a consultant in bicycle transportation engineering, safety, and economic development, and an educator on Africa. David has been active in bicycle transport planning and comprehensive planning programs since the late 1960s. By training he is an economist and has lived and worked in Africa. David first went to Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1975. During the next two years he taught math and science, and traveled on foot hundreds of miles visiting isolated village schools directing an education extension program. After completing a Master's Degree in Applied Economics with a specialty in international economics and area focus on Africa, David returned to Africa on contract with the United States' Department of State. During this time he administered a grant program for village development and analyzed economic conditions. In North America he has worked on projects in the United States and Canada for a variety of state, provincial and local agencies. He has appeared on National Public Radio, the Voice of America and the Voice of Kenya discussing Africa.

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Bicycling In Africa: The Places in Between, Intl Bicycle Fund, 1993

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Children line the road, cheering, clapping and chanting "bicycle rider do your best" and "bon arrivee." Students race across playing fields to get a better look at the foreign cyclists. Older men and women give generous quantities of oranges, bananas, pineapples, peanuts and whole meals to the wide eyed strangers who don't speak a common language and whom they are unlikely to ever see again. Seeing people thrilled by the acknowledgment that comes from a smile or wave in their direction they react as if to say "thanks for making my day ... and week." These are just a few of a thousand memories from bicycling in Africa.