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David Raffin


B.A., The Evergreen State College, 2000


David Raffin
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Biographical Note

David Raffin has been praised by MaximumRock’n’Roll and drive-in film critic and writer Joe Bob Briggs (The Movie Channel, TNT). Briggs exclaiming in his newsletter: “We Love Raffin.” He also received positive attention from web standards guru and advertising copywriter Jeffrey Zeldman, back when the internet was smaller and people were too.

A writer and a performer, he is a sometime contributor to the national newspaper The Funny Times, author of Rhyme or Treason (the hard fought illusion of choice), the forthcoming Drugs, Sex, & Bicycling, and a contributor to the anthology Attic Toys from Evil Jester Press (featuring new work by writers such as Piers Anthony and Jeremy Shipp).

His work ranges from short jokes and columns to stories leaning toward the unconventional and absurd. His subject matter is wide ranging but tends toward both silly and dark. He writes pretty words about not so pretty things.

Publication Types

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Journalism/Columnist

Attic Toys B ook CoverLatest Publication Title

Attic Toys, Evil Jester Press, 2012

Publication Excerpt

I’m going to get right back on that merry-go-round. Yes. Even the tragic merry-go-round accident will not thwart me. I am reckless.

I rode the merry-go-round again. I did buy a ticket. I am not a scofflaw. Though the economics of the ride, distance traveled divided by price, are well known to be poor. I did not build the track or the mechanism. I live in the world as it is and I make the best of it, as must we all.

Critics of the merry-go-round decry the repetitious nature of the ride: travel being in the most round-about way, the sights redundant. I find this familiarity comforting. I do, however, admit to being disturbed, on some level, about the onlookers. Why do they stare? Why do they stand in place? Why are they resistant to ride themselves? Why do they point and wave? Do they not know I shall return?

Today I brought my own saddle. The attendants do not like this. Still, the customer is always right. I simply find the provided seating inadequate. I also brought a book. I have learned from hard experience.

I do not like the music at the merry-go-round. I have never been in sync with the popular taste. If I hear that song one more time I shall not be held accountable.

Often I take photos of my travels. When I leave my camera at home, invariably I see something good and kick myself. Once I asked a fellow traveler to snap my photo with my favorite horse and I was asked to leave.

The scarcity of good depot stations on the merry-go-round is troublesome. The attendant will not help you with your baggage. Generally there is one central station a passenger must enter and exit by. The route is thereafter fenced. If I wish to travel from point A to B, I am forced to travel from point A to point A and then walk half-way ‘round. This is extremely inefficient. I have complained that this problem creates a resistance to the wide adoption of the go-round as a means of popular mass-transit. Occasionally I exit as I please, jumping the barrier, though this is strictly against the rules.

Additional Publications

Funny Times newspaper, contributor, 2010
Perils of Free Thought, VN Publications, 2012
Rhyme or Treason, VN Publications, 2009

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

It made me more powerful than you can imagine. I'm pretty sure I can fly now. If I buy a ticket.