Deston Denniston


B.A./B.S., The Evergreen State College, 1996
M.S.A., Washington State University


Abundance Permaculture


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Biographical Note

I left home at an early age to join the circus, but got lost in the woods on the way. That is how the dream came true.

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Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry

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Tales of Love and Hitchhiking

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Land Use Technical Reports
Maps for the Lost Souls
Fasting for Hungry Ghosts

Publication Excerpt

"Heartbreak Marina" from Tales of Love and Hitchhiking:

The men with him, crusty salted hermits of the sea, tried to tell him that his son was on the deck, and being taken care of. The man was unresponsive. In retrospect, I realize he was deafened by the noise and pressure of the blast. Still, he looked at his son as he would a pile of old blankets, bore them no significance, and repeated himself. "Where is my son?"

The boy was barely breathing, but his pulse was strong if erratic. I checked it too much, probably, perhaps every minute. It was about seven times when the paramedics arrived. In their usual calibrated precision, they took over, calmly, quickly efficiently asking me for the vitals and measures I had taken, asking for relevant information, and loading the boy up the gangway all within 2 minutes. They took the man out on a stretcher as well, and I don't recall if he went in the same ambulance or a separate one.

I only recall he kept asking after his son as they carried him out. It was surreal, a dream, a nightmare. A week later the hulk was gone, towed out while I was at school- I was an Evergreen student at the time. There was no body found; the only son was the one the father, in his shock, could not acknowledge. The caretaker told me that the boy died that night. His peeling, blistered, bleeding face is clear to me still. I never saw it when it was bright, smiling, at ease. In our time he was merely nervous twitches, spasms, rolling eyes, gasping. I never knew the name of the father or the son. Some things are too much for words, or names. Are we strong enough for this silence? I could have sailed anywhere from that port; I haven't lived on a boat since. Sometimes our best doesn't get us where we had hoped.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

It gave me the courage to think out of the box and the confidence to pursue my dreams.