D.W. "Bill" Moore

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B.A., Mind-Body Medicine, The Evergreen State College, 2013


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Bill is a Service Disabled Veteran of Desert Storm who has worked his way out of severe PTSD using drumming and meditation. His studies at Evergreen included psychology and Mind-Body medicine to study the effects of rhythm and meditation for mental and physical health.

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Rhythm Healing

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PTSD, Trauma, and Chronic Stress have been shown to damage vital parts of the brain which influence cognitive ability, proper chemical & electrical functioning levels in the body, and destabilize our genes. Rhythm has scientific evidence to show it can reverse the effects of that damage. This is an in depth look into what stress does to the body and how rhythm can be used to reverse the damage.

How Did Evergreen Help You in Your Career?

Evergreen allowed me to step outside mainstream points of view and encouraged me to design a new form of healing using scientific methods which promote true healing for the masses at affordable costs.