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Photo of Elizabeth MyhrElizabeth Myhr

B.A., The Evergreen State College, 1988
M.F.A., Seattle Pacific University, 2009


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Elizabeth Myhr works as a freelance product development manager and managing editor and lives in Seattle with her family.

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The Vanishings & Other Poems, Calypso Editions, 2011.

Additional Publications

"Deer," Prune Alley, Vol. II, No. 4, Spring 1991.
"Silence," Gringo Grita, Aug/Sept 1991, Dominican Republic.
"Coming Out," Anything That Moves, Issue #4, 1992.
"Les Mystere Des Voix Bulgares," Wildflower, No. 83, March 1992.
"Alchemy," Wildflower, No. 84, April, 1992.
"Carp," Alaska Quarterly Review, Vol. II, No. 3 & 4, Spring/Summer, 1993.
"Spring Fishing" and "Heartland," Oklahoma Anthology ’96, Muse Productions, 1996.
"Blue Arms," Prune Alley, 1996.
"Birch Leaf X 10," Quantum Tao, Vol. 3, 1998, Blue Heron Press.
"San Juan Rhapsody" and "Les Mystere Des Voix Bulgares," Kimera, December 1998.
"The Dangerous One," Switched-on-Gutenberg, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1999.
"Indian Pipe," Alaska Quarterly Review, Vol. 20, No. 1 & @, Fall/Winter, 2002.
"An Evening At the Tennis Club", "Afternoons at Home", Stringtown, Issue #9, 2006.
"Returning to Work," Knock, #6, 2006.
"Galloping," Pontoon #10, 2007.
"A Haunted Silence: Examining Poetry’s Relationship with Silence in the Wake of the Shoah through the Work of Johannes Bobrowski and Paul Celan," Web Del Sol Review of Books, #4, Spring 2008.
"The Faith of Tulips," Knock, #8, 2008.
"Reaching Into Chaos: The Imminence of Fracture In Contemporary American Poetry," Raven Chronicles, Issue 14 #1, Fall, 2008.
"A Willow Tree Graces the Neighbor’s Yard," LBJ, Fall 2008.
"red rock canyon oklahoma," Stone's Throw, 2009.
"grocery outlet," "yet we seek," "dycki," pyrta, Fall 2010.


Honorable Mention, Eighth Annual John David Johnson Poetry Contest, Fall/Winter 1994-95, Mukilteo Beach.
Recipient, 1997 GAP Grant Award, Artist Trust, Seattle, Washington.
Artist-in-Residence, Centrum, Port Townsend, Washington, April 1998-1999.
Alfred E. and Emma G. Milotte Scholar, The Milotte Foundation, 2008
Winner, Knock Eco/Lit Poetry Competition, Fall 2008 for "The Faith of Tulips"
J.B Walters Scholar, Richard Hugo House, 2010

Publication Excerpt

“…[W]hat Myhr accomplishes, and what places this book way above and beyond any other such debut in a generation is that she is able to be a realist and to step outside of time in the same poem, often in the same line. Her work is filled with…the urgency of the late 20th/early 21st century. We recognize the landscape of the ‘exile’ which is very much of our own moment.”

–Ilya Kaminsky

“I marvel at the beauty, fragility and longing of these poems with their lost masterpieces, the house one can’t find or can’t get into, the orphans, the telephone that rings and rings. Not that the poems regret a lost love or any particular past. They knock at some door of mystery, which, because we exist in bodies, we simply can’t open. the vanishings is deeply thought provoking, untranslatable and brilliant.”

–Jeanne Murray Walker


from night geographies

in the oldest part of the city I would lose my eyes
but in this domed world I leave the house of afternoons
with its torn paper flowers and dangling ribbons
and empty market stalls covered in feathers and dust

in the city the streets are black and filled with a green music
played only by the tiny incomparable orchestras of rain

I am leaving the blank empty houses

on the city’s high avenue a huge elm stands
like a dancer waiting for music

I am alone in a long coat
evening has arrived to cover me

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

My years at Evergreen taught me English and American literature, ecology, scientific paradigms in human thought, and much more. I also learned how to learn, how to innovate, how to take risks, how to fail, how to succeed, and how to do all of that in service to art, humanity, and the planet. I wouldn't trade my years at Evergreen for anything.